Runno Zombo 1.1: The Post-Jam Patch

Runno Zombo 1.1 has been released! The main goal for this patch was to add many, many quality of life changes. Please note that this patch was made after the GMTK Jam, so if you are judging the game for the GMTK Jam, do NOT download this version of the game.

Patch Notes:

  • Rendering resolution decreased (from 1280x1024 to 800x600).
  • The game window can be resized. Aspect Ratio locked to 4:3.
  • Increased the average FPS (from 30 to 60).
  • Increased bullet speed on all weapons.
  • Game Over moved to be more visible and also shows distance for the current run.
  • Health bars are smaller and always visible on enemies with more than one HP.
  • Weapons with ammo will have their ammo visible on the HUD.
  • Weapons available to be picked up will be visible on the HUD.
  • Added an indicator to show which weapon is being fired when attacking.
  • Decreased overall enemy health, making the game easier to progress further into.
  • Attempted to make the trash trap more noticeable.
  • Made the Spitter Zombo’s Spit Puddle more noticeable.
  • Fire button for SMG can be held down for rapid fire.
  • Rifle bullets go through all targets. Rifle bullet pickup rate severely reduced.
  • Guaranteed shop spawns if none are found in 10 consecutive spawns.
  • Main Menu reworked to show controls and start instantly.
  • Updated Two-Story Buildings to be easier to see.
  • Fixed a glitch where sprites would look really, really fast.
  • Fixed a bug where Spitter Zombo did not properly spawn their spit puddle.
  • Fixed a bug where certain objects would still be moving when the player dies.
  • EDIT: Increased Rifle bullet pickup.
  • EDIT: Fixed a bug where the high score didn't save properly (it still disappears if the game is closed).

Go Run, Have Fun!



1.1 - The Post-Jam Version 2 MB
Jul 20, 2017

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