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NOTE: This game flashes the screen periodically.

Only one threat.

A parasite that aims to consume every living thing on the planet. It has been successful, civilization has collapsed, billions are dead. It comes in many forms, hides in things, and manifests in our homes.

Only one solution.

Kill them all. Or at least hold out as long as you can.

You're the only one left.

You are the only one who is most likely alive and able to stop the creature. You must kill the things, and the people they control. Beware, the light is the only way to survive. Should it ever get extinguished...

Only one gun.

A heavy pistol can only get you so far, modify it to make it stronger to fight back against the ever aggressive horde.

Only one resource.

What remains in those abandoned buildings are a single resource that's needed to upgrade yourself and the burner that keeps you alive.

Controls (Character)

  • < W A S D > Move character
  • < MOUSE > Aim weapon
  • < LEFT CLICK > Fire weapon
  • < R > Reload weapon
  • < E > Open shop (when near Burner)

Controls (Burner Shop)

  • < W S > Move up/down current list
  • < A D > Change shop category
  • < E > Purchase item
  • < ESC > Exit shop
  • You can still fire and reload the weapon while in the shop.

Install instructions

Extract the .zip to an empty folder. Then run the .exe to play!


Version 1a - GMTK Game Jam 19 3 MB

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